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 NWF Thursday Titan Week 3 Episode 3

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total nonstop attitude

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PostSubject: NWF Thursday Titan Week 3 Episode 3   Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:40 pm

Camera cuts on to the Manhattan Center in Manhatten, New York.

Joey Styles: Hello everyone, and welcome to NWF Thursday Titan! I'm Joey Styles alongside Mike Teney! Mike, we've got a great show!

Mike Teney: Absolutely Jo! The Tag Team Title Tourny continues with The Baxter Brothers debut, taking on the also debuting, 18 Wheeler and Johnny Nico!

Styles: Tyler Black takes on Nigel McGuinness!

Teney: And Raven defends the TV Title against Edge in an Ambulance Match!

Styles: All of this a-

Styles is interrupted by Bagpipes playing throughout the arena and Roddy Piper walks through the curtain!

Styles: Oh look at this! He's back!

Piper slides into the ring and grabs the mic.

Teney: Hot Rod has something to say.

Piper: Cut that damn music!


Piper: I came here for some serious buisness. Austin Aries, we gotta talk we gotta get down and dirty right here right now!

St. Anger plays and Aaron Kendrick walks through the curtain with Francine.

Teney: What the hell? That's not Austin Aries.

Kendrick hops up on the apron and holds Francine's hand as she comes up the steps, he holds the ropes for her to get in. When she does, she slowly gets in with her ass pointing at Kendrick. Kendrick gets in. He grabs a mic and doesn't look happy.

Kendrick: Cut the music.

Piper: What the hell do you want?

Kendrick: Roddy, you just can't be raising hell like this! You are a Color Commentator!

Piper: So!

Kendrick: So?!?! If you keep the crap up you wont have a job!

Piper: Well you tell Aries he needs to quit calling out your Color Commentators!



Piper: Who, me?

Kendrick: No these idiots! Look, Roddy, go over there and do your job.

Piper: Well fine!

Piper throws down mic and storms out of the ring and snatches a headset.

Kendrick: Now on, to important matters at hand. Last week, you all saw something.

Teney: Here comes the explanation.

Kendrick: Last week, Shawn Michaels made a very smart decision by joining myself and Francine, and making the NWF Corperation. Now all of you hated that I turned on you, but when your hero, Shawn Michaels, turned on you, that tore you all apart! And we loved it!

The crowd boos loudly.

Kendrick: Let's face it, you people, are idiots. You are gullibal! An-

The lights cut out and a countdown comes on the Titan! tron which reads "7 Days, Titan!".

Kendrick: Ok what in the hell is that! That came up last week and I'm getting freaked out and so is Francine! What the hell!

The lights come back on and it gets silent.

Kendrick: Now, if you'll excuse us, we gotta go perform some sexual gymnastics and prepare for my match next week. WE're out bitches!

Styles: Whoa, wait, a match?!?!

Teney: That's what he said!

Kendrick hops over the ropes and Francine goes through the bottom rope and gets into Kendrick's arms and he carries her backstage.

Teney: Ladies and gentlemen, we've got a great show tonight please stay tuned, we'll be right back!

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total nonstop attitude

Number of posts : 155
Age : 24
Location : Star City, Arkansas
Favorite Wrestler : Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : ECW(REAL)
Wrestling Fan Since : 1994
Registration date : 2008-04-15

PostSubject: Re: NWF Thursday Titan Week 3 Episode 3   Fri Jul 04, 2008 9:13 pm

Styles: Hello everyone we are back here on Titan! Coming up, we've got Nigel McGuiness taking on Age Of The Fall's Tyler Black.

Teney: This should be good!

The lights cut out and Nigel's Theme Plays.

Ortiz: The following conetset is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from England, the Ring Of Honor World Champion, Nigel McGuinness!!!

Nigel walks through the curtain to a fairly good reaction.

Teney: This man is the current champion in the Ring Of Honor promotion, he's a good leader for the company.

Piper: I guess I better start talking. This Nigel kid is a good wrestler, great young talent, he's got what it takes to get things done here in NWF.

He slides into the ring and poses on the middle rope. He paces around as the music stops. *AOTF Theme Plays*

Ortiz: And his opponent, representing Age Of The Fall, Tyler Black!

Styles: This kid has a lot of improving to do if you ask me. He can improve, and if so, he'll be a force to be reckoned with.

Teney: Absolutely, he can make a good champion.

Piper: He's got a long way to go.

Black slides into the ring but before he gets up, he is attacked by McGuinness!

Styles: Oh come on show some respect!

Nigel picks up Black and hits a big knee to the gut, followed by a European Uppercut that knocks Black out of the ring. Nigel followes after him. Nigel picks him up and sends him into the guardrail. He charges after Black, but gets back body dropped over the rail onto the concrete! Black walks away from the rail, turns around, and runs towards it flipping over, and Nigel ducks, causing Black to hit back first on the Concrete with no protecting himself!

Styles: Oh my! Tyler Black landed on the concrete!

Teney: Well there are no countouts here in NWF so we dont have to worry about that.

Piper: No DQ's either.

Nigel hops over the rail and stomps on Black. He tells the fans to spread out, they do. Nigel picks up Black, and hits a scoop body slam! Nigel hops back over the rail and slides into the ring and just lays for a second.

Styles: Nigel is already exhausted in this match.

Piper: No he's just catching a breather.

Black starts to move around on the outside. He raises to his feet and just falls over the rail. Nigel kips up and goes outside. He raises up a limb Black and tosses him inside. He immediately covers, 1,2,kickout! Nigel picks him up and sends him off the ropes, he comes back, ducks the clothesline, comes back again and misses a clothesline of his own, come back one more time with a spinning wheel kick! Nigel gets right back up, so does Black, Black hits a quick arm drag, Nigel gets up and hits one of his own, the two get up and they both attempt a dropkick, which both miss, and they're at a standoff!

Styles: A great combo by both men especially Black after the beating on the outside!

Nigel offers to shake hands, and they do! But Nigel pulls him to him and goes for a signature lariet, which is ducked! Black hits a kick to the gut and sends Nigel to the corner, turns around and walks to the opposite. He keeps his back turned, and stomps on the mat, turns around and charges, only to get the hell knocked out of him with a Jawbreaker Lariet! 1!2!3! *DING DING*

Styles: Oh that's stupid move cost im the match!

Piper: That's what's keeping him down!

Ortiz: The winner, Nigel McGuinness!!!

Nigel spits on Black and exits the ring. The camera cuts backstage to Terry Taylor who is with Edge.

Taylor: I'm here with the Rated R Superstar, and Edge, for three weeks now, you've been injuring Raven, but we never clarified why!

Edge: Shut up Rooster! The reason why, is Raven has something that belongs to me! I was cheated out of the NWF Television Title! I cant think of any better way then to beat him so badly that he cant get up. I am gonna leave you bloody, and bruised, and I am gonna be standing over you as the NEW NWF World Television Champion!

Taylor: There you have it. I cant wait for the Ambulance Match. Back to you guys!

Styles: Ok and if we could, we've got cameras back there, Tylene Buck is gonna try to get a word with Aaron Kendrick! Take it away Tylene!

Tylene: Thanks guys! I'm standing outside of Aaron Kendrick's office, and I need a word with him.

*knock knock* Aaron partially opens the door, only showing his head. There's a voice in the background, "Who is it?"

Aaron: Oh it's nothing babe I'll be right back!

Tylene: Oh did I interrupt something?

Kendrick: Not at all. Would you uh, like to come take a cat bath with me?

Tylene: *blushing* Oh you animal!

She runs in the room and shuts the door leaving the camera outside. Camera cuts to Styles, Teney, and Piper who are all sitting speachless.

Piper: He's good.

Styles: Uh, we'll be right back.

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NWF Thursday Titan Week 3 Episode 3
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