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 Saturday Night Slam Jam Week 1 Episode 1

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PostSubject: Saturday Night Slam Jam Week 1 Episode 1   Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:37 pm

Camera turns on as Mike Teney is sitting in a studio filled with people in what loos like a late night talk show. There is even a jazz band over to the side playing Eye of the Tiger. Teney is sitting behind a desk with the NWF logo on it.

Mike Teney: Hello everyone and welcome to the first edidtion of Saturday Night Slam Jam! I'm the host, Mike Teney! Ladies and gentlemen we have such a great show tonight, including a reply of Brian Danialson vs. Austin Aries from Titan! Thursday night, an interview with Edge, Aaron Kendrick the owner, and much much more. Speaking of Aaron Kendrick. He announced on Titan! that we would have a Global Warming Summertime Bikini Contest on this week's episode of Titan! And there is no better place then Los Angles, California to do that! That's right ladies and gentlemen, the NWF is going LIVE to the Staples Center for Titan! this week! We are gonna have some great matches lined up for you, and more debuts will go down! Also, Aaron Kendrick makes a big announcement involving the Tag Team division. Also, Raven is in action as the NEW NWF World Television Champion goes one on one with Edge for the title! That brings me to my first guest tonight, he is the Rated R Superstar and a former World Champion, EDGE!

The band plays Never Gonna Stop and Ege walks out into the studio and walks over to the couch and takes a seat without shaking hands with Teney. And he immediately starts talking.

Edge: Dont say anything Teney! That's your segway?!?! That is your segway to the master of the Ladder Match? That is how you introduce the people to on of the greatest athletes, no, THE greatest athlete to ever enter a squared circle!

Teney: Are you do-

Edge: No I'm not done so shut your damn mouth!!!!!!!! I should be the TV Champion! And this Thursday, you can bet your damn ass I'm getting that belt!

Edge throws down his mic from his t shirt and storms out of the studio room. The crowd boos Edge heavily. Then the screen messes up and Raven is in the picture hanging upside down and the Edgey Alliance, Hawkins Ryder and Edge are all pounding him with chairs.

Teney: Oh God get help back there! Oh what the hell is going on! Can we please keep the cameras on the situation if possible.

Edge then nails the camera man with a chair and tosses him off of what looks to be a dock on the inside of the building into water! Edge then picks up the camera.

Edge: Oh my goodness! Raven beeing assaulted by the greatest team ever seen, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, and the greatest wrestler that ever lived, Edge.

Edge then throws the camer into the water.

Teney: Dammit! Ladies ang gentlemen, we'll try to keep you updated on the situation. You know what, I can't even talk right now. Just roll the footage of Austin Aries and Brian Danialson. Dammit!

The cameras start rolling footage of the opening match of Titan! which featured Austin Aries and Brian Danialson-

*DING DING DING* The match is underway! The two men hook up! Danialson gets the advantage and backs up Aries onto the ropes. The ref starts his count and gets to four, but the two ar reversing each other's positions and the ref is forced to get in between the two. When he does this, he gets a clean break. The crowd applauds. Then they start a "LET'S GO DRAGON!, AUSTIN ARIES!" chant.

Teney: Crowd solidly behing the two men, and shows their appreciation to the clean break.

Piper: These two men are both ahead of their time, or my time, anyway. haha

Styles: These two have a great history in the Ring Of Honor Promotion. Several battles including a 90 minute 2 out of 3 falls encounter.

Danialson and Aries hook up again, this time, Aries gets Danialson into a side headlock. Danialson again takes Aries to the ropes and pushes him off. Aries comes back and ducks through a leapfrog, Danialson gets on his stomach, and Aries fakes, into a headlock on the ground. He hold it for about 3 seconds, but Danialson rolls him over into a pinfall, gets a 1 count. Aries rolls through onto his feet, and nails a dropkick to Danialson! He goes for a pin, gets a 1 count. Aries gets up, runs, and springboards off the middle rope with a moonsault, Danialson moves, but Aries land safely on his feet. Danials quickly gets up and hits a couple deep armdrags and the last, combined with an armbar.

Teney: Danialson beat Aries with this hold at Take No Prisoners!

Piper: Is he gonna tap?!?! This hold hurts like sh*t!

Styles: That would be NWF's seco-

Piper: Shut up and call the f*cking match!

Danialson continues to wrench backon the hold and Aries screams in pain! But amazingly, somehow Aries finds a way to get leverage, and turns Danialson over into a school boy! 1,2,kickout! Danialson rolls through up onto his feet and hits a dropkick to Aries's shoulder! Aries lets out a big scream. Danialson locks up a nice hammerlock and lays on the hold to apply more pressure, but Aries easily reverses into the same hold. Aries slowly stand up, with the hold still in tact, and lets go for a split second, but immediately stomps the arm of the American Dragon! Aries springboards once again, this time finding the mark. Aries doesn't pin, instead he picks up Danialson, puts on a hammerlock, spins him around and slams him down with a scoop slam, with the hammerlock! Aries makes sure the arm is still under his back. He walks over, and leaps up onto the top rope, and flies back with a reversing in mid air splash onto the unprotected body and trapped arm! He goes for the cover. 1,2,kickout at the last split second!

Styles: Oh 2 and 254356/254357th's!


Teney: I think he's trying to say is it was close Roddy.

Aries picks up Danialson and takes him down with a snapmare. He hits a couple knees to the back and takes off, bounce off the ropes and comes back with a big kick to the back. He then runs onto the other side an bounces off those ropes, and nails a kick to the face and torso! He walks beside Danialson, and attemps a standing moonsault, but the Dragon gets his knees up! Danialson kips up and hits a front moonsault of his own! He stands up, picks up Danialson, and hits a snap suplex. He floats over, 1,2,kickout!Danialson gets up onto his knees and just glares at the ref. Aries picks his foot up and kicks Danialson in the side of the head! Aries rolls backwards and grabs the neck of the Dragon, picks him up, hits a few knees to the head, and twists into a swinging neckbreaker! 1,2, kickout again!

Styles: My God what a match we're seeing! This is just a mere taste of the action here in the NWF.

Teney: He watch out!


Aries went up to the top rope, but Danialson came up quickly, and pushed Aries off the top, down to the floor, landing face first on the anounce table, but it doesn't have enough weight to break, because it was only the head. Danialson has his hands on the ropes, stalking Aries. Aries looks to be out of it. The ref starts his count. 1!.........2!.......3! Aries starts moving. The ref backs Danialson back away from the ropes, so he is forced to restart the count. 1! Danialson sneeks up behind the ref, puts his arms on the ropes around him so he can't turn around, and springboards up and flies out of the ring, but Aries ducks, and Danialson crashes through the table! The ref yells at theannouncer- "THAT'S IT! RING THE BELL!" In the crash, the announing was taken out so there was dead air for a few minutes.

Bob Ortiz: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has ordered that this match must be stopped! Therefor-

Voice: Hold on! Hold on! Hold on just one damn minute!

Picture of the man talking comes up on the screen. He's with Maryse Quellet, Trish Stratus, and Michelle McCool! All of which are rubbing him.

Voice: My name is Aaron Kendrick and I am the owner and top athlete might I add, in the National Wrestling Federation. You probably know me from some other federations in the past, Take Down, NAW, FWA, and even SFW. Well I am not about to have the first match of MY CREATION ended in a damn no contest! This match is ordered to continue under sudden death rules, no countouts, not dq's, falls count anywhere in the damn building, so uh, dung ding! Haha!

Aries stomps on Danialson, and the play by play is still out. Aries grabs a chair away from Roddy Piper, which is a mistake, you dont mess with an angry Scott, reguardless of who you are. Roddy swings Aries around and snatche the chair away, and then nails Aries with it!


And Piper poses for the crowd! Danialson gets his arm over him and the ref counts. 1! 2! 3! *DING DING*

Bob Ortiz: And the winner of the match, American Dragon, Brian Danialson! The announcing is back up now.

Piper: And dont you ever mess with me again bra!

Teney: And with help from the Hot Rod here, American Dragon Brian Danialson gets the win in the first ever match here on NWF Titan!

Styles: What a way to open a night I'll tell you!

Aries finally makes it to his feet. He gets up holding onto his head. He turns around and looks at Roddy Piper in dis belief.

Piper: You remember what happened there Sally?

Aries spits on Piper!

Styles: Oh, my, God.

Piper gets up out of his chair, and Aries begs Piper to hit him! And Piper clintches his fist up and rares back.

Teney: We're gonna see it?

Styles: Sadly, I think so.

Piper motions for it and stops right at Aries' face?

Teney: What the he-


Teney: A LOW BLOW!

Aries is kciked right in the gonads! Pipers then throws him over the guardrail into the crowd!

Piper: That takes care of that! What's next?

Camera cuts back to Mike Teney in the studio who looks to be somewhat calm after the incedent just moments ago.

Teney: People I would like to apologize but you know as well as I do what a pirana Edge is. Well, I guess we better move on to the next guest, you saw him in that video package, he's here to talk about his physical altercation with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, he is, Austin Aries.

The band plays their version of Superstar as Aries walks through the curtain and waves at the crowd. Then he walks over to Teney and shakes his hand.

Teney: Welcome to the show Austin.

Austin Aries: Thank you Mike.

Teney: Well Austin first things first, I have to ask, what are your thoughts on what transfired.

Aries: Well you know, it was simple, I grabbed a chair which WAS legal, and he stuck his nose in my buisness and he took the short way out.

Teney: With all do respect, it IS Roddy Piper, he did exactly what was expected of him, he hit you with a low blow. That's a part of his reputoir.

Aries: Mike, dont push it. He took the short way out. I actually gave him an oppurtunity to hit me in the face, and he STILL took the short way out! I applaud Aaron Kendrick for ejecting him from the arena, that snake could've bit someone.

Teney: Well, you wont have to worry about him for at least another week, because Aaron said he wouldn't need him!

Aries: A class act on the part of our boss.

Teney: A class act?!? He's the announcer!

Aries: Exactly. Announcers aren't supposed to get involved.

Teney: I suppose you have a point. Another thing, what are your plans here in NWF?

Aries: Like everyone else, I'm here for gold.

Teney: Well that'll do it, Austin Aries everyone!

Austin gets up and walks off camera.

Teney: Well people, we're continuing to go across the nation. We're going LIVE all across the states, we've gone all over New York the past 3 days. We've hit Long Island, Manhatten, and Madison Square Garden. And as we mentioned next week starting Thursday we'll be in LA, but during the week, we'll have events in St. Louis, and Philedelphia. These events are NOT televised. Anyway, back to what happened earlier, our crew FINALLY got Raven away from the Edgey Alliance, and he had a slight concussion, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Raven will be in the Staples Center Thursday night to get his revenge! We were scheduled to have a Victory's Corner with Raven, but he's obviously not going to make it. So we're going to move on to the next guest. He is the owner of the National Wrestling Federation, he is Aaron Kendrick.

The band plays Ey of the Tiger again and Kendrick walks through the curtain and goes over and grabs the giutar and does his solo and the crowd loves it.

He then jumps off stage and takes off his sports coat and throws it to a female fan. Kendrick has a toothy grin on his face as he walks over to Teney and shakes his hand. Then he hops up on the table and shakes know for his fans. And they scream loudly.

Teney: Wow Aaron you are loved by the women!

Aaron: I know they love the sex icon. And as you can see, I'm the new iyatolla of rock and rolla!HAHA

Teney: Well, ha, we gotta talk about buisness buddy.

Aaron: Yes this is Slam Jam, not some Porn show.haha

Teney: Hahaha! Well on to important things, this is you creation, the NWF. How did it come about?

Kendrick: Well Mike it's a dream I've had since I was 11 years old to be honest. I've always wanted to wrestle when I grew up, so I thought why not make my own promotion, then I can do what I want when I want. And it looks like it's going well. We get 1 Hr. every week to show why we're the best thing goin today!

Teney: No doubt about that, we had a sucessful and impressive first show. I had lots of fun with Joey Styles I know that.

Kendrick: I thought you two would get along despite the whole ECW/WCW war years ago. You two know more about the industry then anyone else I know.

Teney: Thank you and yes we get along. Now, what are your plans for Championships in NWF?

Kendrick: Well Mike we already have a Television Champion, I plan to have a Tag Team Championship tournament, a Women's Gauntlet, and a Hardcore Championship, but I'm saving the most important one for a special occasion.

Teney: I see, I'm told we're being cut short on time due to the match we showed, so I have time for ONE more question, when and will you wrestle?

Kendrick: Soon.

Teney: A man of few words, that's all the time we have, be sure to tune in for Thursday Titan! Every Thursday Night on the Obsessed With Wrestling Forums, Goodnight everybody!

Kendrick: Bye everyone.

The camera fades to black.

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Saturday Night Slam Jam Week 1 Episode 1
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