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 Thursday Titan! Week 2 Episode 2

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total nonstop attitude

Number of posts : 155
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Location : Star City, Arkansas
Favorite Wrestler : Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart
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PostSubject: Thursday Titan! Week 2 Episode 2   Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:32 pm

Camera turns on as Joey Styles and Mike Teney are on. The crowd is chanting "NWF! NWF! NWF!"

Joey Styles: Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of NWF Titan! We've got a great show tonight, Raven defends the Television Championship against Curt Hawkins.

Mike Teney: Yes and the fan's are gonna love the debut of the man who's hot, spicy, and taste's great, CURRY MAN!

Styles: Yes, and everyone cannot wait for the Global Warming Summertime Bikini Contest!

Teney: No, so let's get started, with the Global Warming Contest!

St. Anger by Metallica plays and Aaron Kendrick walks trough the curtain into the sand to the ring, dancing and looking at some of the babes.

Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, if you notice, this is NOT the Staples Center, we're at the beach here in LA.

Teney: Yes that change was made during the week.

Kendrick gets into the NWF ring and dances more, then takes off his shirt and throws it to a big group of women. He reveals his chizzeled 6 Pack then grabs a mic.

Styles: Kendrick giving us yet ANOTHER reason to hate him.

Teney: These people love him.

Styles: How could you not? He's got a great personality.

Kendrick: Yo cut the music. Welcome to, N....W....F TITAN!!!!

The crowd goes crazy and chants "KENDRICK! KENDRICK! KENDRICK!"

Kendrick: We are LIVE in beautiful LA! We've got beautiful cars, beautiful women, beautiful water, beautiful dogs, and I would say beautiful men but Gay Marrige is Legal now in Cali. so I dont want those guys getting any ideas.


Styles: That hit a nerve.

Kendrick: Haha the Great One aint like that!

Teney: Did he just refere to himself in the 3rd person?

Styles: As the Great One.

Kendrick: That's right, I am the Great One. And we ARE in Hollywood, so I just might make a movie about some old TV show that no one knows about like, I dont know, Bonanza, Beverly Hilbillies. Then I could come out and induct some washed up wannabe's into a stupid Hall Of Fame.

Teney: We know exactly who he's talking about.

Styles: Yeah
Kendrick: But that's not NWF, NWF is wrestlig, not "sports entertainment". So we are NOT going to have a bikini contest!


Kendrick: You can't see all that pie! That's my pie! I get more pie in a week than you get in a lifetime jabroni!

Styles: What the hell! Why!

Kendrick: I dont need you people to like me for my product to be succesful! Because I know you're gonna tune in any damn way. You see-

Kendrick gets cut off when Sexy Boy Blares throughout the arena as Shawn Michaels walks through the curtain!

Teney: Oh my God! Look! It's HBK!
Styles: Shawn Michaels?!?!
Shawn Michaels goes dancing through the aisle and the fans show the biggest ovation yet! Shawn slides into the ring and the face off begins.

Shawn Michaels: Hold it right there.

Kendrick: Who in the blue hell are you? No no, wait a second, are you another one of those washed up old timers?

HBK: Haha very funny.

Kendrick: Damn right.
HBK: You know you remind me a lot of myself back in my younger days. All the booz, all the booBs.

Kendrick:(acting like he's asleep) Huh what? Sorry man those skanks dont know what they're doing. They're a lot like that Nitro Girl, dammit, what is her name! Oh I remember! Whisper!

Michaels nails Kendrick with Sweet Chin Music right dead center in the ring!

Styles: Oh my God what a kick!

Teney: Shawn's grabbing the mike again.

HBK: Me, you, tonight!

Teney: Oh my God it's gonna happen! I can't belive this! We are gonna see a dream match Shawn Michaels vs. Aaron Kendrick tonight, it's the main event!

Shawn poses a little bit and then hits a crotch chop right above Kendrick's head!

Styles: We've got to take a commercial break, we'll be right back!

Camera cuts backstage to Edge.

Edge: This is the Rated R Superstar Edge, and tonight I'm going one on one with Rhino, and up next Curt Hawkins is taking the Television Title from that bastard Raven, but if you wanna see it, stay tuned!

To Be Continued.....

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total nonstop attitude

Number of posts : 155
Age : 24
Location : Star City, Arkansas
Favorite Wrestler : Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : ECW(REAL)
Wrestling Fan Since : 1994
Registration date : 2008-04-15

PostSubject: Re: Thursday Titan! Week 2 Episode 2   Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:33 pm

Camera cuts back on to the announce team.

Teney: We're back and if you just missed it, Shawn Michaels appeared and challenged Aaron Kendrick to a match tonight and it is official!

Styles: That's coming up a little later but we've got a match coming up right now!

Bob Ortiz: That opening Contest is scheduled for one fall! In the ring, from Hollywood, Dave Liz!

Styles: We have our first jobber!

Ortiz: And his opponent. He is from Japan, He's Hot! He's Spicy! He Taste's Great! Curry Man!

CONITCHIWA! Curry Man's song plays and he walks through the curtain and does his little dance and runs down to the ring and slides in. He hops up and does his dance along with many of the fans. *DING DING* The match is on. Dave Liz tries to blindside Curry Man but he ducks and hits a clothesline to the back of Liz's head knocking him down. Curry then picks him up and hits a standing dropkick right to the face. He kips up, and dances!

Teney: And these fans love Curry Man!

Curry then goes over and climbs up to the top rope, and dives off with a moonsault! 1,2,kcikout!

Styles: My God the jobber kicked out!

Curry man wastes no time, picking up Liz and punching him a couple times. Then he sends him off the ropes, he comes back, and BAM! Curry Man nails a Super Kick turning Liz inside out! 1!2!3! *DING DING*

Styles: It's over!

Ortiz: Here is your winner- Curry Man!

Teney: Curry Man succesfull in his debut here in the NWF!

Styles: Let's go to the back, Terry Taylor is with Aaron Kendrick!

Teney: Take it away Terry!

Terry Taylor: I'm standing here with the Owner, Aaron Kendrick. Aaron-

Kendrick: Shut up Taylor! Michaels! You made the biggest mistake of your life tonight.

Kendrick walks off camera.

Taylor: Well I was gonna try to get a word with Kendrick, apparently he doesn't wanna talk. I guess for now, back to you guys.

Styles: Well, we'll just have to wait until the Main Event I guess.

Teney: I guess so.

Styles: Well coming up next, Raven is defending the NWF Television Championship against Curt Hawkins of the Edgey Alliance, a belt that he beat Edge for in the finals of a Turmoil Match last week on Titan!. This got very personal on Slam Jam when the Alliance abducted Raven and beat his severely and you have to ask yourself if Raven has any remote chance of winning this match.

Teney: Well I'm still upset about thewhole situation and it was very uncalled for and I hope Raven can get a measure of revenge. Oh, wait a second, we're being told something is going on behind the curtain! Get a camera back there!

Raven has attacked Curt Hawkins and is beating the hell out of him!

Styles: Oh my God Raven is beating the hell out of Hawkins!

Raven knocks him through the curtain off the stairs into the sand! Raven then leaps off with an elbow to the stomach.

Teney: Raven getting revenge and wait, we're being told now this is a Hardcore match for the TV title!

Styles: And they're going in the crowd!

Raven then hops over the guard rail and grabs a fan's chair and levels a bloddy Hawkins! Then he doesn't go for a pin, he picks him up and tosses him into the bleachers. Hawkins tries to escape up to the top but Raven throws a chair and it knocks out Hawkins!

Styles: My God the chair caught Curt Hawkins in the back of the head!

Raven climbs up to the top with him and tosses Hawkins off the top!

Teney: Goodness! That's 15 feet!

Hawkins lands in shallow water and leaves his imprint in the mud. Raven climbs down and goes over, and pins him. 1!2!3! *DING DING*

Styles: He retains!

Ortiz: Here is your winner and still NWF Television Champion, Raven!

Teney: Wait a second there's Edge and Zack Ryder!

The rest of the Alliance comes running out from the back and attakcs Raven in the water! They're carrying lead pipes as well! They both nail Raven in both sides of the head!

Styles: Oh my God Raven's skull was crushed!!!

Then Ryder holds up Raven and Edge come and takes him in half with a spear into the water!

Teney: Dammit! They got him again!

Edge and Ryder then drag Hawkins to the back and the crowd boos the Edgey Alliance all the way.

Styles: Son of a bitch! I cant take this anymore can we go to a commercial or something? Get off of them!

Camera cuts backstage to Austin Aries and Greg Gagne.

Greg Gagne: Hi everyone Greg Gagne here with Austin Aries and Austin, last week you took Roddy Piper's chair from him to use on Brian Danialson, and Piper snatched the chair away from you.

Aries: Let me cut you off right there Greg. Piper had no call to do what he did. Tough *CENSORED*! If you dont like it, you've got no buisness in announcing!

Gagne: Hey watch the language.

Aries: Shut up Gagne. I'll bitch slap you just like all those wrestlers did to your dad. Piper! If you've got the guts, next week, you'll meet me face to face in the middle of that ring!

Gagne: Belive me, he'll be there. Back to you guys.

Bret Hart theme plays and the Hart Foundation walks out of the curtain.

Teney: Austin Aries laying down the challenge to Piper to meet face to face in the ring next week here on Titan!. How about that.

Styles: Just like Gagne said, Piper will not only be there, he'll show up early, belive me.

Teney: Yes and right now, we've got a tournament for the NWF Tag Team Championship, and here comes the Hart Foundation!

Ortiz: The following is a first round Tag Team Tournament match for the NWF Tag Team Championship! In the ring, Ted Dibiase, Jr., and Harry Smith, the Hart Foundation!

AOTF theme plays as Tyler Black and Necro Butcher walks through the curtain.

Ortiz: Their opponents! They are Tyler Black, Necro Butcher, Age, of the Fall!!

Teney: We have to take a break, up next is The Hart Foundation and Age of the Fall, we'll be back!

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total nonstop attitude

Number of posts : 155
Age : 24
Location : Star City, Arkansas
Favorite Wrestler : Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : ECW(REAL)
Wrestling Fan Since : 1994
Registration date : 2008-04-15

PostSubject: Re: Thursday Titan! Week 2 Episode 2   Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:35 pm

Camera cuts back on to the tag team match and Ted Tibiase, Jr. is currently in the ring with Tyler Black.

Teney: And we are back live in LA and Tyler Black is getting a lesson in the ring.

Dibiase has him in a boston crab and from nowhere Necro Butcher comes in with a foot to the face!

Styles: Oh come on ref get that gorilla out of the ring!

Butcher then knocks down Harry Smith on the other side of the ring. But from behind, Dibiase hits Butcher with a standing dropkick. Tyler Black comes from behind with a school boy pin. 1,2,kickout! Dibiase rolls through and comes up with a Oklahoma roll pin of his own. 1,2,kickout! Black rolls through and nails a dropkci right to the face of Dibiase! 1,2,kcikout! The crowd applauds.

Teney: Crowd showing respect for a great flurry on the part of both men!

Necro runs in and trie to pull Black over to their corner, but Smith nails a big clothesline! Smith pulls Dibiase over to their corner instead and makes the tag! Smith jumps in and hits a few elbows to Black who's out of it, and Necro comes in but is pressed up overhead and thrown over the top rope!

Styles: My God that's power!

Teney: But look he's got Black up!

Harry Smith picks up Tyler Black and puts him on his shoulder and walks over to the corner. He turns around, runs, and hits the Powerslam! 1!2!3!

Styles: It's over! The Foundation moves on!

The two celebrate in the middle of the ring.

Ortiz: The winners of the match and advancing to the Semi Finals, Harry Smith and Ted Dibiase, Jr., the Hart Foundation!

Teney: They will move on and next week we'll have another match where the winners get a BYE into the finals.

Styles: Congrats to the Hart Foundation!

The two leave the ring and the camera cuts to Styles and Teney.

Teney: Well Joey Styles it looks like we're having another sucessful week here in the National Wrestling Federation!

Styles: Yes and last week at the Garden was great, but I think being here on the shore is even better!

Teney: Next week we'll be returning to New York, but we'll be in the Manhatten Center.

Styles: We wont be going to any bigtime arenas again anytime soon that was one time only in the Garden.

Teney: Yes but back to the situation earlier involving the Edgey Alliance and Raven. They got him again.

Styles: Those bastards are gonna get what's coming to them. Rhino will take care of them I garun damn tee it!

Edge them plays and him and Zack Ryder walks through the curtain.

Styles: Speak of the damn devil himself!

Ortiz: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Coming to the ring accompanied by Zack Ryder, from Toronto, Canada, Edge!

Teney: Yeah I envy Bob Ortiz for doing his job ad staying impartial in that great intro, but come one this man makes me sick!

Edge slides into the ring and poses on the middle rope. Rhino theme plays. Rhino comes out of the ring and goes behind Edge who's looking at the curtain.

Styles: Look! Rhino's behind Edge!

Edge turns around and Rhino nails a Gore! Ryder attacks Rhino and doesn't let up but Rhino comes back and presses him overhead and throws him into the crowd and they catch him and body surf him!

Styles: My God! Are you seeing this?!?!?

Teney: They're body surfing Zack Ryder!

Styles: I haven't seen this since Bam Bam Bigalow threw Spike Dudley into the crowd!

Rhino then turns around and Edge hits a spear!

Teney: Dammit he recovered!!!

Edge then exits the ring and walks back up the aisle and up the stairs then flips off the LA crowd.

Styles: Well the match never got underway and the crew in the back called off the match. By the way, where in the hell is Zack Ryder?

Teney: There's no telling where he's at!

Rhino gets up and exits the ring and runs backstage.

Styles: Oh the Man Beast is pissed! He's gonna try to find Edge! Get a camera back there!

Camera cuts backstage and Edge has a lead pipe again and has beaten Rhino down!

Styles: Someone get that damn pipe away from him!

There are other wrestlers and security gaurds trying to restrain Edge but he either hits them with the pipe or they back away. Finally a group of larger wrestlers take him down and get the pipe away. The EMT's load up Rhino on a gurney.

Styles: He's gonna end up takin someone's damn head off with that pipe! Those wrestlers need to give him a few licks and see if HE wants anymore.

The camera goes back to ringside and Bob Ortiz is in the middle of the ring.

Styles: Did they figure out what happened to Ryder?

Teney: Haha no.

Ortiz: The following contest is the Main Event of the evening!

St. Anger plays and the crowd boos loudly.

Teney: We came in this evening liking this man, now something's gotten into him and he's a different person it almost seems. And as you see he's got Francine with him.

Styles: The Queen of Extreme, if he wants someone to take someone who is easy on eyes into battle, it's Francine!

They walk out holding hands and walk over to a fat fan and Francine grabs Kendrick and swings her hair back and grinds him right in front of the man, then Kendrick flips him off and Francine licks Kendrick's neck.

Teney: Get a room.

Styles: They are just rubbing it in to thet fan. No pun intended.

The two get on the apron and Kendrick sits on the middle rope to let Francine in and she gets in very slow and as her backside right up on Kendrick in a short skirt.

Ortiz: In the ring, being accompanied by the Queen of Extreme, Francine, from Star City, Arkansas, Aaron Kendrick!

The music stops and the crowd starts a rather upsetting chant-


Styles: Somewhat intimidating chant.

Francine gets pissed and Kendrick grabs her and with a smile on his face says something in her ear and gives her a quick smootch on the cheek. That puts a grin on the faceof Francine and she bites her bottom lip and exits the ring and heads backstage.

Teney: What's that all about?

Styles: I dont know but Kendrick's grabbing the mic.

Kendrick: You people need to show respect and treat a lady the way she's supposed to be treated!

Crowd boos furociously.

Kendrick: Shut up! Shawn Michaels is about to find out that you do NOT EVER mess with Aaron Kendrick. And a warning to you losers masterbating at home, Francine isn't coming back so you can raise your filthy fat little hands off your dick and pick up the remote so you can change the channel! She's mine bitches! The Great One is about to give you a show that you'll never forget!

Kendrick throws down the mic and motions forHBK to come out.

Ortiz: And his opponent......

Shawn's theme plays and the crowd erupts!

Teney: Listen to this crowd! They love Shawn Michaels!

He comes through the curtain with a dead serious look on his face and doesn't pose a bit. He goes strait for the ring.

Ortiz: From San Antonio, Texas, the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!

He slides into the ring and the face off begins again! *DING DING* Kendrick continues to talk more and more smack. HBK looks around and then smiles, before laying down in the middle of the ring!!!!!

Styles: What the hell!

Teney: What in the world is he doing?!?!

Kendrick laughs and puts his foot on his chest. 1!2!3! *DING SING*

Styles: You're kidding!

Kendrick grabs the mic.

Kendrick: Dont say anything Bob! A picture is worth a thousand words! You all bought it! Hook, line, and sinker! Got something to say Shawn?


Kendrick: Together, we will be an unstoppable force in NWF! Together, we are the NWF Corperation!

St. Anger plays as the two pose and hug in the ring.

Styles: I cant belive this! What are we seeing?!?!

A mysterious countdown appears at the Titan! Tron that reads "14 DAYS AND COUNTING"

Teney: What the hell is that? We saw it last week, 14 days, that's 2 weeks from now on Titan!
Styles: Well that's it for tonight! Be sure to join Mike Teney Saturday Night on Slam Jam, until then, SON OF A BITCH!

Camera fades to black.

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PostSubject: Re: Thursday Titan! Week 2 Episode 2   

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Thursday Titan! Week 2 Episode 2
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