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 Thursday Titan! Week 1 Episode 1

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total nonstop attitude

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PostSubject: Thursday Titan! Week 1 Episode 1   Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:30 pm

Cameras come on, and in the bottom left hand corner it reads "Live from Madison Square Garden in New York, New York" and the voice of the original ECW, Joey Styles is standing in the middle of the ring and the crowd is chanting NWF! NWF! NWF!

Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to NWF Titan!

Video package comes up on screen that has a narrarator speaking in a very low toned voice.

"The National Wrestling Federation- Warriors of the ring. These fine athletes have been in places all around the globe in search of one thing, competition.Here on Titan!, competition, they have found!" Shawn Michaels- This Grand Champion has plied his trade in the biggest places known to man.Brian Danialson- This is what many consider to be the greatest name ever known to wrestling. Samoa Joe- Posibly the greatest Samoan athlete EVER. All these men and more, coming up NEXT!"

Camera cuts to a picture-

Joey Styles: The opening Contest for NWF Titan! is scheduled for one fall and is a grudge match! Introducing first!

The lights go out and on the Titan! Tron it reads- FINAL COUNTDOWN And the Final Countdown starts playing in the Titan! zone. Lasers are pointing at the entrance doors. The fans sing the song with it- "IT THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!" And Brian Danialson emerges through the doors.

Styles: Introducing first! He is a member of the Ring Of Honor promotion. He is the, American Dragon! Ladies and gentlemen, BRIAAAAAAN, DAAANIALSON!!!!!!!

Mike Teney: Hello everyone and we thank you for being apart of history! This is the first ever National Wrestling Federation show!

Brian Danialson conitues to walk to the ring, holding his arms up, that's all, he never showboats much. The fans continue to sing the song. Danialson steps up onto the apron. He unties his robe and takes it off and holds his arms up and the fans continue to go wild for the Dragon. He steps into the ring. He walks over and and steps onto the middle turnbuckle and showboats some more. He gets down and walks over to Joey Styles and the two shake hands. Then the music stops. The crowd starts a new chant- "AUSTIN ARIES *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP* "AUSTIN ARIES *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP* Then a spotlight goes over to the entrance way. Then Superstar starts playing throughout the arena.

Styles: And the opponent! He is a former Ring Of Honor World Heavyweight Champion, he is, Austin Aries!

Aries walks through the door and stops in front of it and poses. The fans go nuts for him.

Roddy Piper: Hey everyone! The Hot Rod is here!

Teney: My God this is my partner!?!? I can't belive this welcome Roddy! Roddy Piper people!

Hot Rod: Yeah enough with that mushy sh*t! This is the NWF!

Teney: Ladies and Gentlemen, our first censor, made only by the Rowdy one himself.*laughs*

While the two were talking, Aries mad his way into the ring and is currently posing. Joey Styles leaves the ring and walks over the the broadcast booth.

Styles: It's a pleasure as always Roddy, and it's very great to meet you Mike Teney.

Teney: Yes same here, Personal vendatas from WCW vs. ECW aside, it's great to work with you.

Styles: Thank you very much, but we've got a classic here to kick off the National Wrestling Federation!

*DING DING DING* The match is underway! The two men hook up! Danialson gets the advantage and backs up Aries onto the ropes. The ref starts his count and gets to four, but the two ar reversing each other's positions and the ref is forced to get in between the two. When he does this, he gets a clean break. The crowd applauds. Then they start a "LET'S GO DRAGON!, AUSTIN ARIES!" chant.

Teney: Crowd solidly behing the two men, and shows their appreciation to the clean break.

Piper: These two men are both ahead of their time, or my time, anyway. haha

Styles: These two have a great history in the Ring Of Honor Promotion. Several battles including a 90 minute 2 out of 3 falls encounter.

Danialson and Aries hook up again, this time, Aries gets Danialson into a side headlock. Danialson again takes Aries to the ropes and pushes him off. Aries comes back and ducks through a leapfrog, Danialson gets on his stomach, and Aries fakes, into a headlock on the ground. He hold it for about 3 seconds, but Danialson rolls him over into a pinfall, gets a 1 count. Aries rolls through onto his feet, and nails a dropkick to Danialson! He goes for a pin, gets a 1 count. Aries gets up, runs, and springboards off the middle rope with a moonsault, Danialson moves, but Aries land safely on his feet. Danials quickly gets up and hits a couple deep armdrags and the last, combined with an armbar.

Teney: Danialson beat Aries with this hold at Take No Prisoners!

Piper: Is he gonna tap?!?! This hold hurts like sh*t!

Styles: That would be NWF's seco-

Piper: Shut up and call the f*cking match!

Danialson continues to wrench backon the hold and Aries screams in pain! But amazingly, somehow Aries finds a way to get leverage, and turns Danialson over into a school boy! 1,2,kickout! Danialson rolls through up onto his feet and hits a dropkick to Aries's shoulder! Aries lets out a big scream. Danialson locks up a nice hammerlock and lays on the hold to apply more pressure, but Aries easily reverses into the same hold. Aries slowly stand up, with the hold still in tact, and lets go for a split second, but immediately stomps the arm of the American Dragon! Aries springboards once again, this time finding the mark. Aries doesn't pin, instead he picks up Danialson, puts on a hammerlock, spins him around and slams him down with a scoop slam, with the hammerlock! Aries makes sure the arm is still under his back. He walks over, and leaps up onto the top rope, and flies back with a reversing in mid air splash onto the unprotected body and trapped arm! He goes for the cover. 1,2,kickout at the last split second!

Styles: Oh 2 and 254356/254357th's!

Piper: :shock

Teney: I think he's trying to say is it was close Roddy.

Aries picks up Danialson and takes him down with a snapmare. He hits a couple knees to the back and takes off, bounce off the ropes and comes back with a big kick to the back. He then runs onto the other side an bounces off those ropes, and nails a kick to the face and torso! He walks beside Danialson, and attemps a standing moonsault, but the Dragon gets his knees up! Danialson kips up and hits a front moonsault of his own! He stands up, picks up Danialson, and hits a snap suplex. He floats over, 1,2,kickout!Danialson gets up onto his knees and just glares at the ref. Aries picks his foot up and kicks Danialson in the side of the head! Aries rolls backwards and grabs the neck of the Dragon, picks him up, hits a few knees to the head, and twists into a swinging neckbreaker! 1,2, kickout again!

Styles: My God what a match we're seeing! This is just a mere taste of the action here in the NWF.

Teney: He watch out!


Aries went up to the top rope, but Danialson came up quickly, and pushed Aries off the top, down to the floor, landing face first on the anounce table, but it doesn't have enough weight to break, because it was only the head. Danialson has his hands on the ropes, stalking Aries. Aries looks to be out of it. The ref starts his count. 1!.........2!.......3! Aries starts moving. The ref backs Danialson back away from the ropes, so he is forced to restart the count. 1! Danialson sneeks up behind the ref, puts his arms on the ropes around him so he can't turn around, and springboards up and flies out of the ring, but Aries ducks, and Danialson crashes through the table! The ref yells at theannouncer- "THAT'S IT! RING THE BELL!" In the crash, the announing was taken out so there was dead air for a few minutes.

Bob Ortiz: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has ordered that this match must be stopped! Therefor-

Voice: Hold on! Hold on! Hold on just one damn minute!

Picture of the man talking comes up on the screen. He's with Maryse Quellet, Trish Stratus, and Michelle McCool! All of which are rubbing him.

Voice: My name is Aaron Kendrick and I am the owner and top athlete might I add, in the National Wrestling Federation. You probably know me from some other federations in the past, Take Down, NAW, FWA, and even SFW. Well I am not about to have the first match of MY CREATION ended in a damn no contest! This match is ordered to continue under sudden death rules, no countouts, not dq's, falls count anywhere in the damn building, so uh, dung ding! Haha!

Aries stomps on Danialson, and the play by play is still out. Aries grabs a chair away from Roddy Piper, which is a mistake, you dont mess with an angry Scott, reguardless of who you are. Roddy swings Aries around and snatche the chair away, and then nails Aries with it!


And Piper poses for the crowd! Danialson gets his arm over him and the ref counts. 1! 2! 3! *DING DING*

Bob Ortiz: And the winner of the match, American Dragon, Brian Danialson! The announcing is back up now.

Piper: And dont you ever mess with me again bra!

Teney: And with help from the Hot Rod here, American Dragon Brian Danialson gets the win in the first ever match here on NWF Titan!

Styles: What a way to open a night I'll tell you!

Aries finally makes it to his feet. He gets up holding onto his head. He turns around and looks at Roddy Piper in dis belief.

Piper: You remember what happened there Sally?

Aries spits on Piper!

Styles: Oh, my, God.

Piper gets up out of his chair, and Aries begs Piper to hit him! And Piper clintches his fist up and rares back.

Teney: We're gonna see it?

Styles: Sadly, I think so.

Piper motions for it and stops right at Aries' face?

Teney: What the he-


Teney: A LOW BLOW!

Aries is kciked right in the gonads! Pipers then throws him over the guardrail into the crowd!

Piper: That takes care of that! What's next?

Styles: Uhf, I'm at a loss of words! Let's go backstage to Terry Taylor.

Teney: Take it away Terry!

Camera cuts backstage to interviewer, Terry Taylor.

Taylor: Hello everyone I'm Terry Taylor. It's been an exciting and already unpredictable night, and we're only 30 minutes into it! But for the main event, it will be a Turmoil Match for the NWF World Television Championship. The rules are as follows- Two men at random start off in the ring. There will be a total of 6 one on one matches. Each time someone loses a match, another wrestler comes directly out, wasting no time at all, and the sixth match will be a ladder match. There will be a total of 7 wrestlers in the Turmoil, and here with me now is the King of Ladder Matches, the Rated R Superstar, Edge! Edge, welcome.

Edge:Thanks for having the, the un-arguable greatest athlete to ever step up the rungs to sucess.

Taylor: There's no question about that, but I do have a few for you. First off, you may very well get beaten before then, or you could even be the first man in the ring!

Edge: You know what Taylor, I know everyone would like to see Edge get screwed out of yet another championship, but the laugh is on everyone else, I have drawn number 7!

Taylor: Oh my goodness! This is big, we might as well say the New World Television Champion is the Reated R Suerstar, Edge! This, I have to see! Back to you fellows.

Teney: Did you hear that Joey?!? Edge drew number 7!

Styles: Yes and there's nothing any more dangerous than a Ladder within arms reach of a fresh Edge.

Teney: During the interview, Roddy Piper was told to go backstage into the office of Aaron Kendrick, we'll try to keep you updated on that situation, but in the meentime, we have to take a quick commercial break. We'll be right back! But the brightside is, we've limited to 2 commercial breaks! Don't get used to this!

Styles: And don't touch that dial!

To Be Continued......

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total nonstop attitude

Number of posts : 155
Age : 24
Location : Star City, Arkansas
Favorite Wrestler : Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : ECW(REAL)
Wrestling Fan Since : 1994
Registration date : 2008-04-15

PostSubject: Re: Thursday Titan! Week 1 Episode 1   Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:31 pm

Styles: And we are back live here in Madison Square Garden!

Teney: Yes and during the break we got this exclusive footage with Roddy Piper in Aaron Kendrick's Office!

Camera cuts backstage with a frozen image of Kendrick's office.

Teney: This is what took place during the break.

Piper: What do you mean I'm banned from the arena?!?! I've only been banned out of 157 arenas in 13 years! You can't do that!

Camera cuts to Kendrick who has Ashley Massaro on his lap.

Kendrick: Look Hot Rod, I've always looked up to you. Stop baby let me talk to Roddy. Hot Rod, we just can NOT have our announcers interfeering in matches!

Piper: It aint MY fault the bastard took MY chair!

Kendrick: Roddy, I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say other than sit in the middle or something.

Piper: Sit in the middle?

Kendrick: Roddy, you gotta go. We wont need you next week either.

Piper: What?!?!?

Kendrick: Roddy I've got a show to tend to. Security!

Piper: Hold it! Hold it. I'll leave. But by God my name's-

Kendrick: Rowdy Roddy Piper and we aint seen nothin yet, I know. Bye.

Piper: Bye.

Camera cuts back to ringside.

Lights go out in the Titan! Zone and "Island Fire" by the NWF Crew starts playing.

Teney: Well it's gonna be just the two of us now. But waste no time, we've got a elimination 3 Way Dance!

Bob Ortiz: NWF Titan! continues with an Elimiantion 3 Way Dance! Introducing first, from American Samoa, he is the Samoan Submission Machine, he is Samoa, Joe!

Styles: Samoa Joe has the best records I belive since the late Andre the Giant. 21 Months as ROH World Champion, 15 Months Undefeated in TNA. He's one of the greats.

Teney: Thats right andI had the pleasure to call all of those TNA matches as well.

Samoa Joe gets up on the apron and snatches off his towel and poses for the fans. While he's getting into the ring, Phenominal plays and the crowd explodes! Lights go out and sparks go over the Entrance Doors.

Bob Ortiz: And the opponent! He hails from Gainsville, Georgia! He is, the Phenominal, A....J....STYYYYYLES!

The doors swing open and AJ is sytanding in the shadow, where you can only see a black figure. He walks through the sparks and the lights turn on and glare onto the Phenominal One. He takes off his hood and does his famous pose and even Samoa Joe is applauding. AJ stops, and stares at Joe in front of the ring. He jumps up on the apron and gets in. He walks up to Joe and the two shake hands.

Teney: Look at the sportsmanship!

Fallen Angle plays as Christopher Danials walks through the doors.

Styles: Yes, that's great but we've seen these three in the ring together before, and it's ALWAYS been ugly.

Danials walks out to the ring with his arms crossed. AJ and Joe applaud the Fallen Angle as well. He hops up onto the apron and walks across and stares and Styles and Joe. Danials says something to the two and beats his chest and points at the two and then poses. The two seem glad so it must've been something good he said. He then hops over the top rope and takes off his ring clothes. *DING DING*

Teney: The match is underway! Prepare to see something special!

AJ and Danials look at each other and get face to face. They're saying something, and then they both run towards Joe and hit a double dropkick! Then AJ hits a standing shooting star press then Danials floows up with a moonsault! 1,2, kickout! Danials goes bouncing off the ropes and comes back, AJ hits a back body drop onto Joe! AJ goes over and gets up onto the top rope, and Danials goes to the other corner, Danials bounces up and nails the Best Moonsault Ever, followed by the Spiral Tap by AJ!!!The pile on top of Joe for the pin, 1,2,kickout!

Styles: OH MY GOD! All of that and more still couldn't keep down Joe!

They both get up and argue with the ref, but Joe quickly gets to his feet and runs, jumps, and nails them both with a kick a piece. They both go through the ropes. They're out to the side of the ring and on their feet again. But not for long! Joe goes sailing out of the ring with a twisting flip and takes out Danials and AJ, all the while, landing on his feet!

Styles: OH MY GOD! We've got a flying Samoan!

Teney: Oh God! Look at this!

AJ picks up Joe and tosses HIM into the ring, gets up on the apron, and attemps to springboard, but Danials grabs his foot, causing him to hit face first on the apron, busting him wide open!

Styles: Oh AJ is wearing a crimson mask at the results of Danials! Danials looks back, then turns his attention to Joe. Danials climbs up top, but Joe rushes over and kicks Danials right in the face. Joe then climbs up top with him.

Teney: This does not look good at all.

Joe puts Danials on his shoulder, and leaps off and Danials lands head first in the Island Driver! 1! 2! 3!

Ortiz: Christopher Danials has been eliminated, the match continues!

Styles: OH MY GAAAAD!!

Teney: The Island Driver is what took care of Danials! That move is sick!

Joe rolls out of the ring and picks up a limb AJ Styles. He tosses him into the ring. Joe follows. Joe pick him up and runs off the ropes, but AJ leap frogs followed by getting on his stomach, Joe comes back, AJ nails the flipping dropkick! 1,2,kickout! AJ was playing possum. He picks up Joe, who retalliates with a couple hits and a spinning back fist, followed by an enzugiri! Joe picks him up, tosses him into the corner and sets him up top.

Teney: You know what's coming!

Styles: Muscle Buster!

Joe hits the Muscle Buster! 1! 2! 3! *DING DING*

Styles: He got em!

Ortiz: Here's you winner- Samoa Joe!

Teney: Samoa Joe victorious in a bloody brawl!

Camera cuts backstage to Aaron Kendrick's office which this time is filled with Francine, Victoria, Torrie Wilson, and Missy Hyatt! Hector Guerrero is in there with a mic.

Hector: Oh ese. Um, Hector Guerrero here with Aaron Kendrick. And these fine mamacitas.

Kendrick: Watch it ese.

Hector: Yeah. Uh, I was told that you have a mojor announcement for next week's show.

Kendrick: Ah, damn that feels good. About the announcement. Next week, right here in MSG, on Titan!. There will be a Summertime, Global Hotness Bikini Contest! The contestants will be as follows- Maryse Quellet, Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Karen Angle, Francine, Michelle McCool, Angelina Love, Shelly Martinez, and Sable! Where the winner gets a night alone, with the one and only Aaron Kendrick. Now if you'll excuse me, these ladies have to give me a sneak peek of what the night will be like.

Hector: Back to you guys.

Camera goes back to ringside as Edge's theme is playing and Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder are in the middle of the ring. Then the classic Bret Hart theme from Jim Johnston plays and the crowd goes nuts! Pink spotlights go all atround the arena and Harry Smith, Teddy Hart, and Nattie Neidhart come through the doors.

Teney: There they are! The son of Davey Boy Smith, the Nephew of Bret Hart, and the Daughter of Jim Neidhart, the New Hart Foundation!

Bob Ortiz: The following contest is a 4 Corners Tag Team match set for one fall! In the ring, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, the Edgey Alliance! And on their way to the ring, being accompanied by Nattie Neidhart, are Teddy Hart, Harry Smith, the Hart Foundation!

Styles: They come from the greatest wrestling dynasty in history, all grew up in the buisness. These are my picks to be the first Tag Champs.

The two get into the ring, Nattie goes backstage after wishing them good luck. The two get in the ring and Harry does his father's trademark double bicep pose and Teddy does Bret Hart's famous pose to all four sides of the ring. But before they're done, Shane Douglas' TNA theme song starts playing and the Naturals walk through the doors.

Ortiz: Introducing next, they are Chase Stevens, and Andy Douglas, they are the Naturals!

Teney: I've had a pleasure of calling a very big portion of these two's matches, they've got something special, Joey.

The two slide into the ring and start posing a little bit. Then the music stops and it's silent for a few seconds. Then the lights go out and a voice comes over.

Voice: GET THE TABLES!!!!!!!

Then the Dudley's first WWF theme starts playing and the crowd goes balistic.

Styles: You know what, THESE are my picks now!

Teney: No doubt you called their early matches, you called their first 12 World Tag Title matches in ECW, I called their TNA Tag Title Matches, they are the team to beat!

*DING DING* The match is underway and Smith and Hawkins starts it off.Hawkins attacks the son of the Bulldog from behind. Hawkins stomps away and gets fired up. He turns his back and poses and mocks Smith, but when he turns around, he gets turned inside out with a bigtime clothesline! Harry Smith picks him up and locks in a front face lock, and lifts him up and holds the delaying vertical suplex.

Teney: Look at the power on display, just like his dad!

And he hits the suplex! 1,2 and Ryder comes in and saves his partner and the match. The ref is distracted trying to get Ryder out of the ring and the Naturals come in and hit a double ddt on Smith, and then Teddy Hart comes in and chases them away. The Dudley's are just standing on the apron with a big smile on their faces.

Styles: Already the match has gotten out of control!

Hawkins goes for the pin, 1,2,kickout! Hawkins picks up Smith and sends him into his corner. He tags in Ryder. Then Hawkins picks up Smith in a suplex, while Ryder clims the top rope. Hawkins nails the suplex and Ryder hits a cross body! 1, and Hart interupts the pin at 1. Then he gets right back out. Ryder walks over towars Hart and spits at him! This pisses him off. He tries to enter the ring, but the ref doesn't let him. While THIS is happening, Hawkins tries another move, but the Dudley's get in and hit a 3D!

Styles: 3D by the Dudley Boys!!!!!

The ref turns around and Smith is out of the ring and D-Von is in his place with a pin. 1,2, and Chase Stevens interupts the pin! Bubba comes in and nails Stevens with an elbow, and everyone gets into the ring! The ref just throws his arms up and lets them go! Everyone's beating the hell out of each other. The ref decides to step in and grabs a few athletes and gets them out. But while he's tending to that, someone comes out of the crowd with a belt. It's Ted Dibiase, Jr. with the Million Dollar Championship! He levels Curt Hawkins and Teddy Hart jumps on top and goes for the pin! 1! 2! 3! *DING DING*

Styles: It's Ted Dibiase! He leveled Hawkins! Is he a part of the Foundation?

Ortiz: Here are your winners of 4 Courners: Harry Smith, Teddy Hart, the Hart Foundation!

Teney: I dont know! All I know is the ref didn't see what Dibiase did!

Styles: The Foundation has stolen one! This means they've got to be contenders for the Tag Team Titles!

Dibiase ran backstage after hittin Hawkins, but Smith and Hart are still celebrating in the ring. The camera cuts to backstage where the camera is focused on Raven.

Raven: Coming up next is the Turmoil. This is a match right up my alley, and if there's one place where you dont want to see a vicious Raven, it's an alley. Stay tuned, Quote the Raven, Nevermore!

Camera cuts to commercial.

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total nonstop attitude

Number of posts : 155
Age : 24
Location : Star City, Arkansas
Favorite Wrestler : Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart
Favorite Wrestling Promotion : ECW(REAL)
Wrestling Fan Since : 1994
Registration date : 2008-04-15

PostSubject: Re: Thursday Titan! Week 1 Episode 1   Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:31 pm

Cameras turn back on and Bob Ortiz is in the ring.

Ortiz: The following contest, is a Turmoil Match, for the National Wrestling Federation World Television Champoinship! Introducing first!

Enter Sandman by Metalica plays and the crowd erupts!

Ortiz: From Philidelphia, the 5 Time ECW World Heavyweight Champion, he is, The Sandman!

Styles: The bear swelling, cane swinging, 5 Time ECW Champin. He's coming through the crowd here somewhere.

Teney: There he is above the doors!

Sandman was on top of the classic MSG doors! He walks down the left side and he's holding his Singapore Cane and crushing a beer can on his head.

Styles: Those fans get to go home and say hey mom, smell this beer!

He hops over the guardrail and gets into the ring. He gets up on the middle rope and holds up the cane much to the fan's delight. Then the music stops. Sandman gets down and poses one more timeand then looks at the doors.

Styles: Who's gonna be the unlucky bastard that has to face the Sandman?

Teney: You gotta wonder who's in the match, and what numbers they have. We know that Edge is lucky number 7, and that's the last match which is a Ladder match!

Then Man in a Box by Alice in Chains plays and the crowd gets even louder!

Ortiz: And the man who drew number 2! From Yonkers, New York, the Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer!

Styles: Think of the history between these two men! This goes back to ECW.

Teney: Great history between the two. This is gonna be a classic.

Ortiz goes back into the ring.

Teney: What's going on?
Ortiz: This match will be contested in Extreme Rules!


Styles: This is gonna get Extreme!

Dreamer gets up onto the apron and turns toward the crowd and does his classic pose, but Sandman hits him with the cane from behind! *DING DING*

Styles: Oh God Sandman nails him with the cane!

Dreamer flies off the apron onto the padded floor. Sandman runs to the other side, bounces off the ropes, comes back, and flies over with the cane and nails Dreamer in the back! He tosses down the cane and picks up Dreamer.

Teney: These two want to end the match as quickly as possible if they want any chance of winning the Television Title.
Styles: No question, as we see Sandman send Dreamer into the rail!

Sandman then charges after Dreamer, but he delivers a back body drop into the crowd. Dreamer then goes and looks under the ring, and grabs a table! He tries to set it up but Sandman comes flying off the guardrail and hits an elbow to the back of the head of Dreamer. Sandman then picks up his cane and levels Dreamer between the eyes! He pins on the floor- 1,2,kickout! Dreamer looks to be bleeding now.

Styles: Now we've got our second wrestling to bleed in the NWF!

Sandman picks up the table and drags it over in front of the doors, and sets it up. Then he walks back and stomps on Dreamer a few times. Then HE looks under the ring and pulls out another table and pulls it over to the one already set up. He puts it beside the other. Then he walks over and hits Dreamer a couple more times. Then he goes back under the ring and pulls out another table!

Styles: Good God how many friggen tables does this un sober son of a bitch need!

Teney: I wanna know what he's got planned!

Sandman drags it over and stacks it on top of one of the other ones. Then from behind, Dreamer hits Sandman with the cane! He goes berzerk and keeps pounding Sandman with the Cane over and over and over!

Styles: Oh God calm down Tommy! Sheesh!

Teney: What a flurry from the Innovator of Violence!

Dreamer throws down the cane and goes over to the rail and a fan is handing him a chair! Dreamer throws it down on Sandman, then picks him up and lays him across the first table. Then he gets on it with him, and puts him on the top table. Dreamer gets down and picks up the chair. He now gets back up there and wraps the chair on Sandman's neck! Dremer then jumps up onto the doors from the table.

Styles: Oh my God, what in the hell is Dreamer thinking?

Teney: No. No Tommy no! NO!

Dreamer leaps off with a splash from the top of the doors!!! They go through two of the tables and Tommy lands in a pinning posistion. 1! 2! 3!

Ortiz: Sandman has been eliminated, the next entry is........ Petey Williams!

Petey comes through the doors very fast and picks up Dreamer and pulls him to the ring and then tosses him in. He immediately goes for the pin. 1,2,kickout!

Styles: WHAT?!?

Teney: Even if he kicks out, it's still gotta be academic.

Petey picks up Dreamer and sets him up for the Canadian Destroyer! He signals, but Dreamer grabs the ropes, and Petey flips, but Dreamer sits down and Petey's shoulders are down! 1! 2! 3!

Styles: OH MY GOD! Tommy is still in this thing!

Ortiz: Petey Williams is eliminated, the next entry is...... Andy Ace!

Teney: Well here's a not too well known wrestler who's been in a couple promotions. Another thing the NWF does is give young men oppurtunities, and what an oppurtunnity this kid has!

He comes into the ring and picks up Dreamer and picks him up on his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Dreamer goes off the side and gets behind Ace, he tries to roll him back, but Ace reverses and is behind Dreamer, and nails a Tiger Suplex! 1,2,kickout!

Teney: I can not belive this! He's STILL in the match!

Ace can't belive it either. But he picks him up and sets up a front face lock and lifts him off the ground in a delaying verticle suplex. He takes him down right on his head with a brainbuster! 1,2,kickout! Ace goes up to the top rope, but Dreamer slips outside. He's sitting on his but, and Ace hops down and goes through the middle rope trying to pull him back into the ring, but he gets nailed with a lead pipe! *DING DING*

Styles: Oh wait a second, only the first match was Extreme Rules Tommy!

Ortiz: Tommy Dreamer has been eliminated, the next entry is...... RAVEN!

Raven comes through the door and grabs the leftover table and pulls it over into the ring and sets it up in the corner, but he doesn't look at it afterwards. He then picks up a knocked out Andy Ace, and hits the DDT! 1! 2! 3!

Styles: He got em!

Ortiz: Andy Ace has been eliminated, the next entry is...... Homicide!

Teney: It's Homicide! He's the number 6 entry! He and Raven are very fresh, and Edge has to be licking his chops, because he's next!

Homiced jumps into the ring and runs smack into a clothesline by Raven. Raven then picks him up and tosses him out side the ring. Raven hops out and stomps on Homicide. He picks him up, but Homicide hits Raven in the mid section and tries to set him up for the Gringo Killa on the floor! He twists around and gets him up!

Teney: Oh God no not that! Put him down!

Raven uses momentum to make Homiced go backwards, and Raven dumps Homicide on his face! The ref's count is at 8 and Raven jumps into the ring! 9......10!

Styles: Countout!

Teney: Oh I bet Edge is not likeing this one bit!

Ortiz: Homicide is eliminated, the final entry in the Ladder Match is.... EDGE!

Edge walks through the doors and the expression on his face is like he wants to kill Raven. Edge walks angrily to the ring and snatches off his ring coat. Edge goes under the ring and drags out a 20 ft. ladder and the belt is hanging high above the ring. Edge lays the ladder across the ring and Raven comes running with a baseball slide and quickly grabs the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring, and begins the long dangerous climb.

Syles: He's climbing the ladder to sucess!

Raven keeps on climbing and out comes the Edgey Alliance from the crowd!

Teney: It's Hawkins and Ryder!

The hop into the ring and the lights go out!

Styles: What now!

Teney: Lights out?

The lights come back on and Sabu is standing in the middle of the ring with a chair! He tosses the chair right into Ryder's face and nails Hawkins with a spinning wheel kick! Raven then starts back up the ladder and Edge from out of nowhere hits a spear from the top rope and knocks Raven into Sabu and they both go through the table!

Styles: Oh my God Sabu, and Raven both go through the table!

Edge now starts to climb and he gets halfway and pyro goes off at the doors and a countdown starts on the Titan! Tron. Edge is confused, and Raven comes and pushes over the ladder and Edge goes flying over onto Hawkins and Ryder!

Styles: Now's your chance!

Raven starts climbing andSabu sets up a chair by the ropes. Sabu runs and goes off the ropes and comes back, jumps off the chair and hits a senton flip onto the Alliance! Raven pulls down the belt! *DING DING*

Styles: He did it!!!

Teney: We've got a new Champion!

Ortiz: Here is the winner of the Turmoil and the NEW National Wrestling Federation World Television Championship, Raven!

Raven does his cross pose at the top of the ladder and hold up the belt. The fans just love the sight and show their appreciation.

Styles: Raven is the Television Champion, but what was that countdown all about?
Teney: I dont know but Raven is grabbing the mic.

Raven: (breathing hard) Quote the Raven- NEVERMORE!

Styles: We would like to thank you for tuning in to the first ever NWF show! Be sure to tune in next week for more nonstop wrestling next Thursday!

Teney: And tune in Saturday Night for Saturday Slam Jam!

Styles: Good night everyone!

[size=200]END OF SHOW[/size]

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Thursday Titan! Week 1 Episode 1
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