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 Official NWF Roster

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total nonstop attitude

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PostSubject: Official NWF Roster   Sat Jun 28, 2008 9:39 pm

    [size=200]National Wrestling Federation[/size]

    Owner: Aaron Kendrick

    Roster:Real Wrestlers
    #'s: 6-Pac

    A's: Abyss
    AJ Styles
    Andy Douglas
    Austin Aries

    B's: Billy Gunn
    Brian Danialson
    Bubba Ray Dudley

    C's: Chase Stevens
    Chris Harris
    Chris Sabin
    Christian Cage
    Christopher Danials
    Curry Man
    Curt Hawkins

    D's: D-Von Dudley

    E's: Edge
    Eric Young
    Eugene Dinesmore

    F's: Frankie Kazarian

    H's: Harry Smith

    J's: Jack Evans
    James Storm
    Jay Briscoe
    Jeff Jarrett
    Joey Mathews

    K's: Kurt Angle

    L's: Low Ki

    M's: Mark Briscoe
    Masato Tanaka
    Matt Bentley
    Matt Sydal
    Mikey Whipreck

    N's: Necro Butcher
    Nigel McGuiness

    O's: Orlando Jordan

    P's: Petey Williams

    R's: Raven
    Rick Steiner
    Road Dogg Jesse James

    S's: SABU
    Samoa Joe
    Scott Steiner
    Shawn Michaels
    Sonjay Dutt
    Stevie Richards
    Spike Dudley

    T's: Ted Dibiase, Jr.
    Teddy Hart
    Tommy Dreamer
    Triple H
    Tyler Black
    Tyson Tomko

    Z's: Zack Ryder
    Zack Gowen

    Roster: Non- Real Wrestlers
    Aaron Kendrick
    Kyle Davis
    Drue Harvey
    Dagan Levengood
    Kyle Ashcraft
    J Quizzy
    Zack Towers
    Zack House
    Jason Baxter
    Andy Ace
    Johnny Nico
    18 Wheeler
    Dean Newton
    Dakota Brooks

    Roster: Real Tag Teams

    America's Most Wanted
    The Briscoe's
    The Naturals
    The Steiner Brothers

    Roster: Non Real Tag Teams

    Zack House and Zack Towers
    18 Wheeler and Johnny Nico
    Jason Baxter and J Quizzy- The Baxter Brothers

    Roster: Real Women Wrestlers

    Angelina Love
    Velvet Sky
    Shelly Martinez
    Tammy Sytch
    Trish Stratus
    Kimberly Page
    Tylene Buck
    Ashley Massaro
    Maria Kanellis
    Michelle McCool
    Nattie Neidhart
    Lisa Moretti(Ivory)
    Kelly Kelly
    Stacy Keibler
    Torrie Wilson
    Lillian Garcia
    Missy Hyatt
    Karen Angle
    Jillian Hall
    Stephanie McMahon

    Roster: Wrestling Factions (All)

    A List-Dagan Levengood, Kyle Davis, Drue Harvey

    Hart Foundation- Harry Smith, Teddy Hart, Ted Dibiase, Jr., Nattie Neidhart

    The Dudley Boys- Bubba Ray, D-Von, and Spike

    Anti Americans- Low Ki, Petey Williams, Eric Young, Sonjay Dutt, Nigel McGuiness, Masato Tanaka

    Age of the Fall- Tyler Black, Joey Mathews, Necro Butcher, Zack Gowen

    Edgey Alliance- Edge, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder

    The NWF Corp.- Aaron Kendrick, Shawn Michaels, Francine

    Announce Team(s)

    Joey Styles
    Mike Tenay
    Roddy Piper

    NWF Weekly Shows

    Thursday Titan!
    Saturday Slam Jam(Talk Show)

    NWF PPV's

    Cyber Rules(Every Match Type is selected by fans)
    Bone Brawl(Every Match is Extreme Rules)
    Divided Falls
    Anarchy Revolution
    Beach Bash

    Backstage Interviewer(s)
    Terry Taylor
    Ken Resnick
    Greg Gagne
    Hector Guerrero

    Managers and Athletes
    Aaron Kendrick with Francine
    Kurt Angle with Karen Angle
    Edge with Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder
    Ted Dibiase, Jr. with Ted Dibiase

    NWF Championships

    World Heavyweight- VACANT
    World Television- Raven (Won in a Turmoil on Episode 1 of Titan!)
    World Tag Team- VACANT
    Women's- VACANT
    Hardcore- VACANT
    United States- VACANT

The first National Wrestling Federation Show is coming soon to a forum near you!

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Official NWF Roster
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